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7:00am: Vehicles and Savitour’s tour guide welcome you at the meeting point of departure traveling Cai Be Floating Market. Along the way you interact together. Group stop to rest in Tien Giang. Continue on route guides Delegation heard landmarks introduce passing union.


Visit Cai Be, transfer to a boat tour of Cai Be Floating Market: Learn and explore the shopping bazaar scene very unique river of Mekong Delta with all the items before pinching the guitarist tree hanging from the boat. You participate in trading on the river trade with the western lakes, explore the cultural trading on the river is very typical of the South.

Then you will come to the riverside Village: Visiting oven bun, oven roll, oven nuggets. Learn the unique tradition of the people of water, making nuggets, from the processing of raw materials until the finished product.

Next the group will come with An Binh Islet: As part of the strip of land upstream isle Minh, fertile land, fertile silt, fresh tree fruits. The islet is a green tourist attractions because of residents living on this land still imbued with cultural features simple rustic gardens of colonization period realms "Southern Land". Canals system as a labyrinth. Rowing boats take visitors crept between the branches laden with fruit region wrong result, the banks are lined with coconut intercropping green aqua colored willow, which gives visitors a sense of serene calm, gentle living amidst nature air, fresh.



Come to the island village: Have lunch with dishes characterized southern villages. The delegation will continue to learn and explore the Southern garden: Visit orchards, learn some traditional farming tools typical of the island people, enjoy seasonal fruit and listening to traditional music Southern.


After lunch, you can ride a bike stroll on land island village, visiting the orchards as longan, mango, rambutan, plum, guava ..., enjoy the landscaped garden antique bon sai, stroll around the village by bicycle paths. If you can not rest in houses on the hammock to be worn around the orchards.


Afternoon: Customers return the boat, then the boat takes you back to the pier. Go dock boarding group back Saigon, ending farewell trip and see you!

       Price : 20,5 USD

Package Includes:

- Vehicles: Cars newer air-conditioned shuttle to visit the program.

- Guides: Notes and served during the tour.

- All but the cost to visit: The program on

- 5-course lunch menu

- Insurance: Travel insurance package according to legal provisions.

  Price does not include:

- Tax 10%

- Other personal expenses out of program

Child ticket prices:

- Children 10 years of age or older to purchase 01 tickets.

- Children under 9 years of age from 5 to 75% of the ticket purchase.

- Children under 05 years old: Free of charge.

Tours cai be floating market


Phương tiện :

Khách sạn :

Thời gian: 1 Ngày

Khởi hành: Hằng ngày

470,000 đ

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